Lanaudière getaways

Create memorable moments in Lanaudière

Discover the hidden treasures of Lanaudière, its breathtaking views, its gourmet products, its welcoming terraces, its rustic and wild beauty.

Lanaudière, a huge backyard to explore

This summer, Lanaudière must be your whole backyard. Come and discover her nights under the stars, her cabins in the trees, her nature parks, her activities for the whole family, her history and her museums… Dare to meet her, it’s right next door!

12 destinations to discover

Sometimes urban, sometimes open air centers, Lanaudière’s 12 destinations has not finished surprising you. Your backyard is vast and full of possibilities. There is no lack of activities here! Our waterfalls and lakes serve as water games, while the BBQ area is well represented with lots of terraces to try. We relax in one of our experience lodging, lay out in the gardens and shop in our gourmet pantry where a variety of local products await you. Lanaudière is a whole playground to explore!

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